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St Saviour's ChurchThe Florence Trust studios are located in St. Saviour's Anglican Church, a Grade I late Victorian building in Highbury, North London. Each year a group of twelve artists are selected to create work in these inspirational surroundings with on-site director. The studios are run by a committee of trustees.



Liz Bailey was one of the twelve artists to be awarded a place on the Florence Trust residency during 2002 - 3. During this year Bailey developed her series On the Road in painting, photography and video and throughout the residency exhibited at Arc Marketing, at 'Freshart', Business Design Centre, Islington (on the FT stand) and in the Florence Trust Summer Exhibition 2003.



Summer Exhibition 2003
Curated by Cherry Smyth

Liz Bailey showed work from her On the Road series included landscape paintings that ..'take the monotony and repetativeness of motorway journeys and distil them from noise and movement into silence and stillness'......'This work is not only about space and time, but also about boundaries, how we are kept to the route, finding detail in the known, familiar but somehow unseen scene'. (Cherry Smyth, curator, Florence Trust Catalogue 2003). Bailey's painting were shown alongside her video piece Are we nearly there? which emphasised ....'the moving picture quality of her work. Motion in stillness. Stillness in motion'. (Cherry Smyth)


Landscape 5Landscape 6

Landscape 5 & 6. oil on linen. 41cm x 92cm. 2003.

'Are we nearly there?' Looped dvd in framed monitor. 2003

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