artist's statement

My work focuses on the fluid junctures of nature/culture, city/country as well as my own position with regard to them. I explore these notions under the umbrella of the genres of ‘landscape’ and 'still life' which in themselves already imply a shift from the natural towards the cultural and I use these as tools in highlighting mans intervention in the world and as a signifier of culture change. I am a painter who uses photography and video as source material and as works in themselves.

I look at the cross over between art and anthropology and how artists methods can be compared to those used in fieldwork or participant to view ESSAYAs an artist working this way I have made a film about changes occurring in a farming community in the Welsh Marches where my approach was to 'be in' the landscape rather than 'view it' from afar as I had done in my previous series of work entitled On the Road.

Traveling has always been a passion of mine and has led me to explore the use of paths and roads in the landscape and where they can lead me both physically and psychologically. On the Road is an ongoing series in painting, video and photography that was initially a response to the repetitiveness of motorway travel and how the passing landscape or 'non-spaces' are viewed while on the move. This work references road movies and panoramic photography and like Friedrich’s lone figure experiencing the sublime the lone driver in road movies has entered our consciousness as a landscape convention.

I have depicting trees in many of my works as I see them as an archetypal symbol of landscape painting and a metaphor for other issues such as ‘silent witnesses’ to events, as memorials, used in political and environmental issues and as a metaphor for the self or national identity. I am interested in how artists have used these symbols in their work and I continue to reference this motif to materialise my ideas and understanding about the world around me.

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