artist's statement

In my work I question and visualize the overlapping borders between nature and culture, memory and forgetting, private and public. I make paintings of structures where natural forms co-exist within the urban landscape and also interrogate instances of man's intervention within the rural landscape. My meticulous looking and rendering through paint, film and in drawing highlight overlooked juxtapositions that reveal our complex relationship with nature. My paintings are devoid of people and instead lives are assumed even in this absence.

My depiction of trees in many works are used as metaphores for other issues such as 'silent witnesses' to events, as memorials, implying political and environmental issues and as a metaphore for the self or national identity. I use the 'tree' as an archetypal symbol of landscape painting and as a motif to help convey my ideas about the world around me.

I am interested in the cross over between art and anthropology. My previous studies in both disciplines and my extensive travelling around the world feed into and inform my practice.


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